Our Professional Members


Each of our 6 founding Professional Member-Owners below have volunteered hours upon hours to help develop the vision and foundation of our newly developed cooperative. These members are not only legal owners of our worker-cooperative, they are each seasoned whole-health walking leaders who have a wealth of knowledge and passion within their unique interest areas. You can click on each of their links to be taken to their individual profile page. We have just recently transitioned, so please be patient with our process.

To get the process started or get more information about becoming a Professional Member-Owner, please fill out our General Inquiry Form linked here.

In alphabetical order by last name:

Chris Englert 

Contact Chris & Visit Her Full Profile
W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Themed Tours, Local Food Connections, Multi-day Walking Vacations, Conference/Corporate Team-building.

Nicole Huguenin 

Contact Nicole & Visit Her Full Profile
W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Dreams, Community Building, Contemplative/Meditative, and Nature Reflection.

Darcy Kitching 

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W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Storytelling, Documentation, Walkable Community Design, Placemaking, Children & Youth

Dawn Kirkwood 

Dawn’s profile is inactive at the moment. Please contact Dawn here: dawn@walk2connect.com
Interests/skills: Local Art & Architecture, History Tours, Downtown Denver, Contemplative/Meditative, Long-distance Walking Experiences.

Dustin Ratcliff 

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W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Long-distance Themed Walks, Day Hikes, Men & Young Men Themed.

Jonathon Stalls 

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W2C Suite Certified*. Interests/skills: Contemplative/Reflective, Walkable Community Education, Whole-health Benefits of Walking, Long-distance Rambling.

*Walk2Connect Suite Certified
Member-Owners who are W2C Suite Certified can provide a host of whole-health and connection-focused walking programs in partnership with a variety of agencies, organizations, and community groups. These include but are not limited to speaking/presentations, Walking Movement Leader training, tool training and set-up, and technical assistance/support for newly trained leaders and developing programs. These services are offered locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally. You can download our Walk2Connect Suite pdf by clicking here to learn more.