About Walk2Connect

Walk2Connect is an innovative worker-owned cooperative working to create whole-health walking programs focused on connection to others, to the places we live, and to ourselves. We have thousands of individuals and a growing variety of organizational/governmental partners. Our social enterprise model works hard to help people and communities become healthier and more connected while also advancing awareness on the importance of walkable community design and the pedestrian experience. Learn more about our cooperative here.

We currently have 6 Professional Member-Owners, over 200 trained Walking Movement Leaders, 150 Life@3MPH Champions, a host of Community Partners and 30-45 walking, hiking, and rambling experiences throughout Colorado and beyond on a weekly basis. In 2015, we hosted over 877 walking trips! We hope you can join us in helping one another and our communities connect, grow, and heal at the pace we’re built to. Please reach out to us if you are interested in partnership, champion status, joining a walk, supporting our mission, or becoming one of our Walking Movement Leaders!

You can get timely updates on new walks in your area by signing up for one of our many community Meetup accounts linked here.


1229903_10151576477342234_1058130674_nJonathon Stalls
jonathon@walk2connect.com / 303-908-0076
Jonathon started Walk2Connect in 2012 shortly after completing the Camino de Santiago in Spain and his 8.5 month 3030 mile walk across the United States in 2010, Kivawalk. He brings extensive experience in community outreach, partnership development, communications, social enterprise, and movement building around issues related to walking for whole health and walkable community education. Jonathon is also a student at the Center for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico and continues to walk thousands of miles guiding hundreds of personal, social, communal, and spiritual walking experiences with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations throughout the country. He resides in the North Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. He holds a BA in Design & Entrepreneurship from Metro State University. TEDx Talk: Life at 3MPH at TEDxYOUTH@MileHigh (April, 2013) Featured in The New York Times: Walking the Land As a Spiritual Quest

Nicole Huguenin Walking Movement Leader Coordinator
nicole@walk2connect.com / 650-279-1662
Nicole Huguenin is a former high school teacher turned generosity entrepreneur. After a chance encounter and walk with a 72 year old women, she founded Wild Dream Walks to bring more love and friendship to the world, on foot. She gifts most of her time and energy to individuals and organizations valuing people as their bottom line, designing for leadership using nature as a model, and contributing to a whole people’s economy. In 2015, she committed to walking each day with a new person or group of people, you can follow her journey here
Darcy Kitching Boulder Program Director
darcy@walk2connect.com / 303-250-2436
Darcy Kitching is an urban planner, educator and photographer who specializes in documenting what people value about places and how places can function better for people. Darcy enjoys helping communities articulate their values, using photography as a community development tool and exploring places on foot with people young and old. She holds masters degrees in education and urban/regional planning.
Dawn Kirkwood Operations & Partnerships
dawn@walk2connect.com / 913-908-3670
A librarian by training, Dawn has enjoyed a career directing non-profits, including American Institute of Architects Kansas City and International Women’s Forum Colorado, creating strategic, mission-driven alliances among seemingly unlikely partners. She has masters degrees in education and library/information science.
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